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Top 5 Neighborhoods to Live in Miami in 2021
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Mar 14·4 min read

Which five neighborhoods in Miami are worth living in?

After your retirement from your workplace, you want a peaceful life somewhere. You want a luxurious and beautiful house that could get aligned with your comfort zone. So what is the image of a successful person to you? A person who is credible enough to buy a home where his family can have a cozy life for the rest of their lives! This is all we associate with a well-established person. 

Dreaming is easier than putting that dream into reality. Imagine you are rich enough to buy a house anywhere around the globe. You bought your own sweet home but it turned out to be your biggest regret! Why? Because you did not scan for the right choices and now you are regretting it. This would be your foolish and silly decision ever! 

Miami - It's all your choice! 

Buying a house in Miami would not cost you much, but not choosing a place according to your likings would do. But don’t worry! We are going to enlist the top 5 best places to live in Miami. 

Miami is a beautiful and soothing place to go and get settled. People from every walk are very much interested in Miami neighborhoods. Young professionals and old retirees always search for the best places in Miami out of all the beautiful residential areas. What are these? Let’s have a look.

1- Coral Gables

Coral Gable is one of the marvelous and attractive places in Miami which gives an eye-catching and soothing view.

Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables

Coral Gable is a known place for its beautiful tree-lined boulevards and ivy-covered mansions. One more amazing feature of Coral Gable is its historical milestones named Venetian Pool and Biltmore hotel. These two exceptional structures were built back in the 1920s. There is a bundle of other attractive places situated in Coral Gables: Miracle Mile, The Fair Tropical Botanical Garden, and much more. 

This neighborhood also has a university located in its vicinity.

How much a house would cost me? 

 An average home price could be $720K on the sale price and $412 / square feet. 

2- Edge water

Edge water is in between Downtown Miami and Design District. If one wants to have quick access to midtown Miami, one should go for it. this Edge water is located north of downtown in Miami, Florida. 

Purchasing your home at edge water will make you easy access to Art's district, Wynwood, and Design District. Now Edge water is getting more and more crowded and its old buildings are gradually being renovated or devoured in order to make room for new. 

                                Checkout Houses For Sale at Edgewater, Miami

There is also a beautiful park in Edge water which is highly appealing, Margaret Pace Park is located in the heart of Miami. Edge water is a place that can give you luxurious goals and a lavish atmosphere. 

How much a house would cost me? 

Home prices in Edgewater have a $212,250 median sale price. 

3- Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is at a drive of 10 mins from downtime Miami. Coconut Grove acquires in it a number of beautiful features which let it be a worth living residence. This place hugs Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Saturday Organic Market, The Kampong, David T. Kennedy Park, and much more.  

                                Checkout Houses For Sale at Coconut Grove

Vizcaya Vila

One another features which glorifies its existence are the shorelines and sidewalks which can be a source of immense pleasure for natives and residents. 

More importantly, this place is one of the most secure places in Miami. 

How much a house would cost me? 

This has a sale price of $1.3M and $492 sale $/ square feet.

4- Brickell

Brickell is Miami’s and South Florida's bigger financial district. Brickell has been increasing the population of Florida by accommodating a vast number of people. 

Brickell provides its residents with plenty of amenities and essentials. Across the Miami River from downtime Miami, there are Brickell heights offering variable residences. What makes Brickell Brickell? Its well-heightened towers! Brickell City Center is famous for all the shopping, dining, and co-working stuff. 

One breath-taking feature of Brickell is its Skyline 

How much a house would cost me?

Its sale price is $425K while it is $373 sale$/square feet. 

Brickell Heights

5- Aventura 

This neighborhood lies 12 miles north of Miami. Aventura is you can say the most admiring neighborhood in Miami.

Aventura offers its residents some best shopping malls and an environment full of fashion. Aventura Mall in Miami is one of the go-to shopping places and is the third biggest mall in the United States. This is a highly appealing neighborhood for people fond of golf. 

Aventura Mall

Another appealing factor is the deluxe clubs and its slide tower. 

How much a house would cost me?

Aventura has a sale price of $345K and it costs $253 sale/ square feet. 

Slide tower

Miami is such a beautiful place. This drop-dead gorgeous area accumulates in it an amalgam of nature and self-made constructions. This place is the epitome of pulchritude and peace. 

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